Are services like Wix killing the profession of web designers?

Platforms like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, etc. allows people without any knowledge on web-designing build professional looking websites within minutes. While these are useful tools, one wonders if these undervalue the skill-sets of website designers, diminishing people’s willingness to appreciate and pay for such specialized skills.

Like most modern customer-friendly technologies, the answer is not a simple yes or no. Do mass access to DSLRs kill the profession of photography? Do access to design stencils undermine the skills of an artist?

All these are tools that empowers every person to access certain products (like a website, a photograph, or a pattern) in a quick cost-effective way, which earlier was available only to those with certain skills or education. This however does not mean that it kills the requirement for such skills or education, it just makes their need more specialized. For example, Surrey Web Design, states that although these tools empower the general person, this cannot replace professional web design. 

Most businesses/ individuals willing to pay web-designers earlier are still willing to do so. What these platforms/ tools do instead is increase the volume of people who use the products that they help create. Now, even a high school student beginning a small science project can make a website about it using platforms like Wix. But multinational companies requiring unique websites to build their brand value is unlikely to depend on a simple website pattern of Wix or Weebly and will still seek out the professional skills of a web-designer. Similarly, weddings still hire professional photographers to capture the precious moments, despite the hundreds of guests carrying smart phones and DSLRs that they can use to create professional looking pictures.

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