Is a graphics tablet worth it for web designers?

Whether you are a budding or a seasoned web designer, you may have heard of how a graphics tablet can be of benefit to you. However different designers have designers have different opinions about the importance of this tool. Some say that a graphics tablet is a must have while some say it is just a matter of preference.

While most of the people I know prefer to use a mouse, I am of the opinion that designers who are starting out should fully master using the pen tool before trying their hands on the graphic tablet later. This will make them more efficient and flexible when it comes to tasks such as digital painting. Their pen skills will also be a great backup in the event of a graphic tablet breaking down in the middle of a task.

My experience with a graphics tablet has been positive for the most part. I am able to make selections, draw layers and create masks much more easily. I also have more freedom to make minor adjustments without necessarily having to re-size my brush constantly.

No special software needed

A tablet can work flawlessly in all computer software and even be used exclusively instead of a mouse. But to maximize on your tablet, you may need to use its software that maximizes on tilt controls and pressure-sensitive features.

Learning how to use a graphics tablet

This does not take long at all. All you need to do is practice for a few hours. This will help you coordinate your movements more easily and also come to grips with tapping in place of clicking.

Interchanging between a tablet and a mouse

This is easy for most tablets. In fact most of the tablets in the market now have a mouse as part of the package. But when using a different pointing device, it is important to avoid keeping the tablet’s mouse or pen away from its surface. This is to prevent cursor confusion.

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